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Who is a linguist?

Linguist is a specialist is linguistics. According to homework help experts linguist is a person who studies languages, speaks multiple languages, is skilled in translation and has an interest in understanding how a language works.

Reasons to master in linguistics: To be Used in everyday life Language is reflected in almost everything that we do be it about understanding something that is written or spoken or communicating with our family at home or colleagues at office front.

To know more about the language Linguistics helps us to know more about the structure and functions of a language and this can be very fascinating.

To have an inclination towards language

According to free answers experts linguistics is basically for people who are passionate about languages and who love languages. This passion towards languages will also help you to impart the language.

To acquire skills People who major in linguistics acquire skills such as critical thinking, analytical reasoning, clarity over expression, argumentation etc.

To make observations People who major in linguistics can make insightful observations, generate predictions, draw conclusions, make arguments, hypothesize etc.

Professional programs:

According to MA in fields such as anthropology, philosophy, communication sciences, English education and study of a particular language. PhD programs in the above subjects. Applied linguistic programs on teaching English to non native speakers. Professional programs in communication sciences, information sciences and speech pathology. Job requirements to become a linguist: Degree level – bachelor’s degree is a standard qualification. A master’s degree and PhD is a must for advanced research career. Degree fields – linguistics is closely related to fields such as computer science, anthropology and cognitive neuroscience. For interpreters and translators working in technical fields, law and health may be valuable. Experience – work experience Is important for some roles in computational linguistics Skills required to be a linguist: Excellent English language skills Fluency in native language Sharp listening skills Speaking skills Computer skills such as data mining, machine leaning, programming language etc.

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