AYC Teachers

Marinda Hollar
Marinda Hollar is a certified Dharma Mittra teacher. Marinda has owned Arlington Yoga Center since 1999. She brings 29 years of experience in body/mind/soul teachings to the center. Years of studying metaphysics, spiritual writing and psychotherapy, and also meeting several spiritual leaders, have led Marinda to redirect and focus her life on creating a wellness/spiritual community for yoga. Marinda is registered with the Yoga Alliance to teach at the 500 hour level, the highest registry available. Marinda was inspired to open her own yoga center by Dr. Maha Maharashi Paranjothiyar (Guruji), head of the Universal Peace Foundation in India. Guruji returns to the Arlington Yoga Center bi-annually to lead workshops in Kundilini Yoga. Marinda sponsors regular workshops with a variety of seasoned yoga teachers.

Lynn Macaluso
Lynn Macaluso is a certified Dharma Mittra teacher. She has been a student at the Arlington Yoga Center for eight years and has been teaching here for the past five.  Lynn is dedicated to helping new students learn yoga in a gentle and positive way. Lynn has a relaxed style of teaching so if you are looking to have yoga realax and rejuvinate you then Lynn is the perfect teacher for you.

Ariel Nessel

Ariel Nessel
My path of yoga is a 24/7/365 commitment to being my highest and best self. After an epiphany in 1997 changed the way I related to food, my heart opened up to the impact each and every person can have on the world, to be a force for truth, love, compassion, kindness and ease. Soon after, I had a vision of myself attaining all of my then existing goals and dreams, yet still feeling empty inside. Thus began my path to Buddhism and Yoga and their practices (yama, niyama, meditation, metta, asana, pranayama, retreat, service & ahimsa), and my intention to choose new goals which would provide greater meaning and fulfillment.

I am still very much a novice yogi. However, I have been blessed to be surrounded by some very wise and elevated beings, John Robbins, Rusty Wells, Ingrid Newkirk, Thich Nhat Hanh, Venerable Haju Sunim, David Life, Sharon Gannon and, my teacher, Sri Dharma Mittra. It is my hope that I can share the insights and practices of these sages in my classes in a way that helps my fellow yogis manifest their own highest and best self.

In my day job, I oversee a company that has a great amount of responsibility to our customers, employees and the earth. I actively experience the challenges of being a modern-day yogi, and the delusion that life can be compartmentalized into separate areas such as family, work, hobbies/exercise, spirit etc. The practices I offer have helped me reveal the riches of my own life, and I believe they have the power to do so for others. All of my proceeds from the classes I teach will be donated to Mercy for Animals.


Jessica Copeland

Jessica Copeland is a certified 200-hour Sivananda Yoga Teacher and is registered with the Yoga Alliance.  Her most recent training certified her as a HeavyWeight Yoga® Instructor as the first of only 2 yoga teachers to attain this level.  

Seeking help with stress and pain management, Jessica came to yoga.  She stayed with yoga when it struck a peaceful cord in her heart.  Her teaching practice focuses on the promise of yoga for everyone, based on an interpretation of one of Patanjalis’ Yoga Sutras, “Asana is a steady, comfortable posture.”

She has witnessed the transformative powers of yoga both within her own life and within her classroom.  She believes yoga is a joyous, healing gift available to anyone who is willing to move within its discipline.
+ Jessica’s Hatha Yoga classes focus on adapting and adjusting yogic postures for her students’ current bodies and abilities. 
+ Her HeavyWeight Yoga® classes are specialized to adapt yoga for people who are overweight or obese as created by Abby Lentz. 
+ Her Senior yoga classes offer both chair and mat options adapting yoga for Senior bodies.
+ Her Sivananda classes offer the classic Sivananda Yoga interpretation as taught by Swami Vishnu-devananda. 


Scott Jessup

A native of Fort Worth, Scott Jessup has been a member of the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra viola section for 28 years and is currently Assistant Principal Violist. He has been an avid student of Eastern philosophy, meditation, metaphysics, etc. for many years. He came to yoga approximately 20 years ago seeking help for back pain associated with being a professional musician. Dr. Kari Rollins of the Wellness Center in Fort Worth directed him to yoga, and after marrying his wife Shelley in 1992 they began a home practice that continues to this day. He has been largely self-taught via books, audio recordings, and video tapes and DVDs. His “teachers” include Lilias Folan, Alice Christensen, Rodney Yee, Patricia Walden, Rod Stryker, Suzanne Deason, the Nityananda Institute, various Iyengar teachers, Robbin Hallford of Karmany Yoga Fort Worth, Cyndi Lee of OM Yoga, Swami Vishnu-devananda, Joseph van Arsdale, Anodea Judith, Kim Wilson, Shiva Rea, and others. Most recently he has been mentored by Marinda Hollar and is actively studying the yoga of Dharma Mittra at the Arlington Yoga Center. It is his sincere desire to share his passion for yoga using the very best he has learned from these many teachers.


David Weiland

I am a relatively new teacher, having completed my 200hr teacher training with Dharma Mittra in June of 2010. I am truly blessed to be able to share this practice, which has improved my life in so many ways. In my classes, I strive to combine a strong physical practice with a calm, focused state of mind, so that students may experience a tranquil and blissful state of being that stays with them long after the class has ended.