PLEASE NOTE: A WAIVER must be signed before taking any classes at the Arlington Yoga Center.  This should be considered as a binding contract regarding the Center's responsibility (or lack thereof) if personal injury is to occur.  If at all possible, please download and print this WAIVER (.pdf) and have it filled out before coming to class, as classes are scheduled closely together.  Thank you!

Class Descriptions
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Gentle Dharma
Gentle Dharma is a perfectly sequenced class for those who are injured, out of shape or plus forty.  I am so happy that Dharma has created such a wonderfully balanced class that anyone can participate in.  If you have ever tried yoga and were surprised at how difficult it was and felt disappointed that you could not participate, this is truly the class for you.  

Dharma All Levels
All level classes are taught so that everyone can participate. These sequences have been developed over a 40 year span by the legendary teacher Dharma Mittra. His practice will help you to become graceful, strong and flexible. Over the past year and half I have been amazed at how flexible and strong my spine and my students spine have become. I feel that this is the best asana practice I have ever had. In this class you will also learn Dharma's spiritual teachings and all of the eight limbs are incorporated in this practice.

Dharma  3 and 4:
Warm classes with the temperature set to 80 degrees F.

HeavyWeight YogaŽ
HeavyWeight YogaŽ classes are especially designed for full-bodied people. These classes use classic yoga poses adapted to allow for the size and circumstance of each student's body as it arrives ready for yoga on the mat or in a chair. HeavyWeight YogaŽ is about the 3-A's: awareness, acceptance and affection. This program is not about diet, aerobic exercise, or weight loss.
No prior yoga experience is needed. Fear not, future flexible friend, this is yoga adapted to meet you where you are today. Begin now at your current condition and enjoy the benefits of yoga TODAY!

Follows Pain Free Series and runs from 3-25-11 to 5-20-11.

Fabulous Fridays:
This class will change every 8 weeks.