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Class Schedules February 2017


To learn more about all the classes we offer, please scroll down to the Class Descriptions section and find out which classes will be good for you!

IMPORTANT NOTE: If there is a class finishing right before the one you are about to attend please wait outside on the benches or in your car. Sorry for any inconvenience but we do not have the space to accommodate people waiting in the space where others are finishing class. Thank you very much!



10:00 am Hatha Gentle Bobbie Cornehls
12:00 pm Hatha Yoga Sarah Campbell
6:30 pm Dharma Gentle Shelley Cook


12:00 pm Yoga & Meditation David Weiland
5:30 pm Dharma Gentle Marissa Soto
6:30 pm Dharma II David Weiland


10:00 am Hatha Gentle Bobbie Cornhels
12:00 pm Dharma I Marissa Soto
6:30 pm Dharma I David Weiland


12:00 pm Yoga & Meditation David Weiland
5:30 pm Dharma Gentle/ Level I Marissa Soto
6:30 pm Dharma III David Weiland


10:00 am Hatha Gentle Bobbie Cornehls
12:00 pm Dharma I David Weiland


9:00 am Pranayama & Meditation David Weiland
9:30 am Dharma I David Weiland
11:00 am Dharma I David Weiland


1:00 pm Hatha Gentle Bobbie Cornehls



A pre-washed sticky mat and either a blanket, or a thick towel.  (Yoga mats can be found for inexpensive prices at many stores, including Target, WalMart, TJ Max, and the Academy.)


Class Descriptions

Dharma Gentle
A calming, stress-relieving yoga class to stretch and strengthen the body gradually. Emphasis is on building awareness of the breath and the body. Asanas are practiced at a slower pace with attention to alignment and detail. Recommended for all levels looking for a soothing, relaxing, and restorative experience.

Dharma I, II, III
These sequences have been developed over a 40 year span by the legendary teacher Dharma Mittra. His practice will help you to become graceful, strong and flexible. Over the past years I have been amazed at how flexible and strong my spine and my students spines have become. I feel that this is the best asana practice I have ever had. In this class you will also learn Dharma’s spiritual teachings and all of the eight limbs are incorporated in this practice.

Dharma Gentle/ Level I
This class is for students who want a little bit more than a Dharma Gentle class offers, but are not yet ready for a Dharma I. In this class you will learn how to do more challenging poses through clear instruction and demonstration in a safe environment. Expand your practice at any level you feel up to in a non-competitive class while improving your body’s awareness and preventing injuries in exercise.

Hatha Gentle & Hatha Yoga
Hatha yoga is any type of yoga that incorporates asanas, or physical postures.  These classes do not follow specific sequences, but are inspired by the teachings of yoga masters like Dharma Mittra, Sivananda, and others.

Private Classes
Available upon request. Ask your instructor today!

AYC Teachers


David Weiland

David began his 200 hour teacher training with Dharma Mittra in June of 2010. He is a recent graduate in Philosophy from UTA and is now the manager/owner of AYC. He feels truly blessed to be able to share his practice, which he says has improved his life in so many ways. His classes combine a strong physical practice with a calm focused state of mind.  He hopes students may experience a tranquil and blissful state of being that stays with them long after the class ended.


Shelley Cook

Shelley has studied with Sri Dharma Mittra at his temple in New York City at the 200, 500, and 800-hour levels, something only a select few yogis around the world can claim. She is passionate about sharing the classical teachings of her teacher with others in an honest and accessible way. For Shelley, yoga is a discipline for the whole body, and as such her classes strongly emphasize breath and mindfulness, along with the physical postures, to balance body, mind, and spirit.


Bobbie Cornehls 

Bobbie has been a student and teacher of yoga for over a decade. She has trained and attended numerous workshops and classes including Dharma Mittra, Iyengar, Hatha, and Kundalini. She has taught at the Arlington Yoga Center since 2009, and has attracted a following of students who enjoy her classes with their focus on Dharma gentle yoga poses, breathing, stretching and relaxation. Bobbie began teaching because she wanted to give back to others the many profound benefits of yoga she has experienced including its deeply meditative, relaxing and healing properties. Both younger and older students find their métier in her classes.

Bobbie also is a certified wellness advocate of the use of essential oils in the practice of yoga and for everyday wellness because of their beneficial properties. She encourages students to integrate the use of these oils in their own daily practice as well as for overall health and wellness. She offers free essential oils classes and free one-on-one consultation on the use and benefits of essential oils upon request at 817-980-0976.


Sarah Campbell

Sarah has been a student of AYC since 2004 and started teaching at the center in 2012. She is certified for Group Exercise and Personal Training, and likes to bring an element of challenge and endurance to her classes.


Marissa Soto

Marissa was first drawn to yoga as a means to heal at an emotional and mental level. After her first class, she knew she wanted to learn more about yoga and its benefits. Marissa has been a student of AYC for 4 years and regularly teaching for 1 year. She has certifications with YogaFit and is in the finishing stages of completing her requirements for 200-RYT in Dharma Yoga through Yoga Alliance.

Going through Dharma Yoga Teacher Training in NYC with Sri Dharma Mittra was an honor for Marissa and she looks forward to sharing the knowledge and experience from that. She loves to incorporate a full practice, including not only physical asana, but pranayama and meditation. She is currently an instructor at UTArlington and at the AYC.




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