AYC Teachers


David Weiland

David began his 200 hour teacher training with Dharma Mittra in June of 2010. He is a recent graduate in Philosophy from UTA and is now the manager of AYC. He feels truly blessed to be able to share his practice, which he says has improved his life in so many ways. His classes combine a strong physical practice with a calm focused state of mind.  He hopes students may experience a tranquil and blissful state of being that stays with them long after the class ended.


Marinda Hollar

Marinda Hollar is a student of Dharma Mittra and certified to teach Dharma Mittra classes. Marinda has owned Arlington Yoga Center since 1999. She brings over 25 years of experience in body/mind/soul teachings to the center. Years of studying metaphysics, spiritual writing and psychotherapy, and also meeting several spiritual leaders, have led Marinda to redirect and focus her life on creating a wellness/spiritual community for yoga. Marinda is registered with the Yoga Alliance to teach at the 500 hour level, the highest registry available. Marinda was inspired to open her own yoga center by Dr. Maha Maharashi Paranjothiyar (Guruji), head of the Universal Peace Foundation in India. Guruji returns to the Arlington Yoga Center bi-annually to lead workshops in Kundilini Yoga. Marinda sponsors regular workshops with a variety of seasoned yoga teachers.



Lynn Macluso

Lynn has been a part of the Arlington Yoga Center for 12 years,  she started as a student and 8 years later convinced Marinda to go to NYC and meet the  legendary Dharma Mittra. They took this trip together and it changed the course of AYC.  Many of our teachers are certified with Dharma Mittra thanks to Lynn.  We are all very grateful that Lynn helped create the great Dharma community we now have. Lynn’s classes are known for being gentle, relaxing and peaceful.



Cynthia Novak

Cynthia is a professional Vedic Astrologer who bridges East and West. While an undergraduate prowling the library stacks, she happened upon a book that described what an Astrologer actually does. That moment changed her life and she knew Astrology  was her calling. Not log after, Cynthia calculated her first astrology chart using logarithmic tables in 1975 and she hasn’t stopped since.

For many years she used only Western or Tropical astrology.  That is what you think of when you hear someone say, “I am an Aries this is my horoscope.”  After a 2 year intensive program, she was certified by the American Council of Vedic astrologers in 2000.  This is the astrology of India. She uses both systems.  And likes to say: “I use the Western chart as a personality model and the Vedic chart as a life evolution model”.  She uses Vedic for cycles and predictions.  Traditional Vedic astrology or Jyotish is a deterministic model but Cynthia believes in personal evolution: That we each have a knot to untie within us.  Astrology can help to identify the knot which is often so much a part of us we assume it is our fate, in fact it is simply part of the journey to enlightenment. Cynthia has done talk radio and was featured on both Fox and NBC news in Dallas.  NBC actually did an investigative report and found me to be accurate.

Cynthia also has a Master’s Degree in Health Education and Wellness from TX A&M University and loves bringing what she learns in her yoga practice to all aspects of her life. You’ll find her articles at www.cynthianovak.com  and at www.holisticworker.com.  Most all, Cynthia is interested in working with clients.  You may reach her at cynthianovak@cynthianovak.com or say hello at yoga class!


Shelley Cook

Shelley Cook has been an active member of the AYC family as student, instructor and social media/marketing coordinator for the past four and a half years. She has trained with many teachers at Arlington Yoga Center and throughout Texas with a primary focus on the classical yoga teachings of Dharma Mittra. She brings the influences of all her teachers as well as her own life and health experiences to all her classes.


Bobbie Cornehls 

Following years as a student of Yoga and attendance at numerous workshops including Dharma Mitra, Iyengar, Hatha and Kundalini, Bobbie decided she wanted to help others attain the same calm and peaceful benefits of the practice of Yoga.  She has been teaching at the Arlington Yoga Center since 2010.  Bobbie enjoys all aspects of teaching and feels fortunate to have the opportunity to give back to others.  Her classes focus on gentle Hatha Yoga poses, breathing, stretching, and relaxation.  Both younger and older students find their métier in her classes.

She is also an advocate of the use of essential oils in the practice of Yoga because of their beneficial properties and she encourages students to integrate the use of these oils in their own practice.  Bobbie also teaches a free doTERRA Essential Oils wellness class on most Sunday afternoons from 2-3 PM.

Sarah Campbell

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