Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions

Gentle Dharma
Gentle Dharma is a perfectly sequenced class for those who are injured, out of shape or plus forty.  I am so happy that Dharma has created such a wonderfully balanced class that anyone can participate in.  If you have ever tried yoga and were surprised at how difficult it was and felt disappointed that you could not participate, this is truly the class for you.

Dharma I, II, III
These sequences have been developed over a 40 year span by the legendary teacher Dharma Mittra. His practice will help you to become graceful, strong and flexible. Over the past year and half I have been amazed at how flexible and strong my spine and my students spine have become. I feel that this is the best asana practice I have ever had. In this class you will also learn Dharma’s spiritual teachings and all of the eight limbs are incorporated in this practice.

Dharma All Levels
This class is for students who want a little bit more than a Gentle Dharma class offers, but are not yet ready for a Dharma I level. In this class you will learn how to do more challenging poses through clear instruction and demonstration in a safe environment. Expand your practice at any level you feel up to in a non-competitive class while improving your body’s awareness and preventing injuries in exercise.

Friday Flow
Come wind down from your busy week with a sequence developed to heal and strengthen areas of the body that have been tight or strained and to improve flexibility in the back and shoulders, hips and hamstrings.


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