A Holistic Approach to Healing

Find Inner Peace & Serenity with Yoga

We all face challenges in our daily life and rarely make time for our mind-body connection. Give yourself the ability to calm down, be grateful and just BREATHE.

Pick a Class That's Right for You

Find a class that suits your needs or just come by anytime to find the community you are looking for. We offer all levels and offer modifications in each class to ensure you are able to listen to your body.

Dharma Mittra

What is Dharma Yoga? Who is Dharma Mittra? Click here to find out more about the poses of Dharma Yoga.


Are you looking for a natural way to fight off a cold or allergies? Do you use natural beauty products? Try out our free essential oils class every Sunday.

Prices and Payments

We've made our Yoga prices something anyone can afford. To us, it's more important to make Yoga available to the community than to make a profit.


Join Us!

AYC provides a warm, supportive and thriving community for the practice of yoga. Depending on your needs and goals on any given day or over time, we can help you awaken, further develop or replenish your mind, body and soul.

Dharma Mittra

Many of our teachers and our founder have trained with Sri Dharma Mittra in the New York Center and are certified in the Dharma yoga sequence. "By keeping the Ethical Rules, gradually we'll reach all beings everywhere. Then there will be Divine Love everywhere" DM


We are a community first and foremost. Yoga is a self-discovery and we are merely here to guide you along your own path. Our classes are open and casual. There are no mirrors in the studio and all judgment and competition is left at the door. We welcome you to strengthen your practice with us while we strengthen our own practice right beside you!


The ultimate aim of every human being is to attain everlasting peace, happiness and merge in Eternal Entity, the absolute or Santhosam. This is attained bt every seeker through the wisdom of Self Awarness under the merciful guidance of a Guru. Our Founder, Mirinda Hollar has worked very closely with Guruji over the years and has brought him to the Arlington Yoga Center to enlighten students and deepen their spiritual practice.